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With innovative design and technology we have created an eye-catching machine with genuine quality. Being one of the market’s most energy efficient espresso machines the Carat is fully adapted to modern environmental requirements as well as each and everyone’s interest in a clean and healthy lifestyle – enjoy a cup of Pure Passion.

Carat automatically learns how you use it and it adapts its energy consumption after that. In this way the machine is always ready when you need it and when you are not using it is automatically switching to energy saving mode. Good for both the environment and your wallet.

Automatic espresso coffee machine with 2 groups, electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically, with automatic water filling and copper boiler with 11,5 litres capacity with heat exchanger per group and cleaning valve. Display: advertising, automatic dosing of hot water, time management, and memorization of total brewed coffees, daily automatic switch ON/OFF of the coffee machine, control of the boiler temperature through display. With technical innovations we have lowered the power consumption with more than 50%

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