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Clipper Teas

Always a pure, natural product - there isn't a single artificial ingredient in any of their products.

The UK's No 1 Fairtrade Tea Company.

Clipper has been an ethical business from the start and became involved with the Fairtrade Foundation in its early stages and policy development. They launched first Fairtrade tea in 1994.

Speciality Teas:

Fairtrade Blend

English Breakfast (string/tag/env)

Fairtrade Blend (string/tag)

Packed 1 x 1100 

Packed 1 x 250

Packed 1 x 100

Decaffeinated (string/tag/env) Packed 25's & 250's
Green Tea (sting/tag/env) Packed 25's & 250's
Redbush Tea (string/tag/env) Packed 25's & 250's
Earl Grey (string/tag/env) Packed 25's & 250's
Herbal & Fruit Teas:
Chamomile (string/tag/env) Packed 25's & 250's
Peppermint (string/tag/env) Packed 25's & 250's
Wild Berry (string/tag/env) Packed 25's & 250's
Lemon & Ginger (string/tag/env) Packed 25's & 250's
Red Berry & Aronia (string/tag/env) Packed 25's
Blackcurrant & Acai (string/tag/env) Packed 25's

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